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Clos Du Val Winery

Apr 8, 2012
Clos Du Val Winery
Founded on the vaunted principles of Vindependence

closduvalClos Du Val Winery was founded 40 years ago on the vaunted principles of Vindependence: individuality, independence and expression that guide us to this day. We make wine. Wine that is honest, wine that takes a stand and stands out. We make wine we believe in and wine you will fall in love with.

Being Vindependent means we remain proudly defiant of the passing trends and influences that have so often led others astray, steadfast in our commitment to crafting refined wines of elegance and balance, reflective not of winemaker 'magic', but rather as a fluent expression of the varietal and terroir from which our wines are born.

Our Vindependence is further grounded in the instinct that comes from farming the same vineyards for nearly four decades, from remaining true to our roots and to our vision. We vow to you, that we will always seek to craft the elegant, balanced wines of distinction we are known for. Wines made in the pursuit of greatness, not a great score; wines that pair flawlessly with food and are made to age with grace and character.

Wine is fun, and it's best enjoyed with good friends and good food.


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