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Sips And Gifts

Nov 15, 2011
Sips And Gifts
The season’s perfect wine and perfect gifts…all for you.

brunette_drinks_cu_114a343The holidays are here and all you can think of is red wine, an iPad, and a new pair of shoes. Think they don’t go together? Think again.

During all holiday occasions, everyone is drinking red wine and giving gifts. Now, there’s one wine to go with anything and everything: Rioja.

Rioja wines offer a balanced combination of earthy flavors and a fruity essence. The best reds from Rioja are medium-bodied Tempranillos with fresh berry flavors, earthiness, and hints of peppery spice. They’re more full-bodied than Pinot Noirs, but won’t bury your meals like bigger, bolder Cabernet Sauvignons. And they truly go with everything, which is one more reason to invite them to your holiday table.

Now, if you join the Rioja wine community, you may win a pair of Monolo Blahniks or an iPad2. If you happen to have a Y chromosome, already have your iPad and haven’t figured out that your best girl would love the shoes, you can still sign up and win a wine party for 20 people. Rioja will even send an expert to your house with the wines to tell your guests about them.

Red wine, an iPad, new shoes, even a party…sounds perfect for the holiday season. Salud!

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