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A Nestled Treasure of Northwest History: Walla Walla

Feb 18, 2012
A Nestled Treasure of Northwest History: Walla Walla
The Magic of Walla Walla Brings Visitors Back From Near and Far

www--portland-logo-300x285Walla Walla is a place to connect….connections with the land and some of the finest wines in the world; it holds the charms of a small town, and the complexity of the avant-garde.

Walla Walla’s renowned wine region sits in a unique cradle of Northwest history, where many of the vineyards are still owned by the pioneering families who started them. There is something deeply fulfilling about the simple pleasures in Walla Walla. Nothing contrived and nothing pretentious, Walla Walla welcomed visitors long before Lewis & Clark described its residents as the most-friendly of their entire journey.

Walla Walla is more than just a getaway; it’s a place that gets it. Walla Walla knows how to connect with one another in a way that stirs the soul and feeds the senses. It’s a place you’ll want to return to time and time again. And like a great bottle of wine, it’s best when shared.

Please join Walla Walla Wine @ Pure Space. Experience 60 wineries from Walla Walla February 27, 2012 11am-3pm for the trade tasting and 6pm-9pm for the public tasting!

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