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 Filed as : Wine Acessories

VintageView Wine Storage

Aug 21, 2012
VintageView Wine Storage
Wine Storage for the New Millennium

siloThousands of years ago, wine was stored in cold dark caves. Then, wood became a favorite storage method. Today, contemporary metal wine storage systems are quickly becoming the favorite for home use.

VintageView Wine Storage is a Colorado based company, founded in 2001, by a Nebraska farm boy, Doug McCain, who knew there was a better way to store wine. Doug’s frustration grew out of the fact that he couldn’t see what wine was in his collection, only the corks.

VintageView’s contemporary label-forward metal design allows you to see your labels. Your wine becomes art on your wall. This system allows you to engage more with your wine while enjoying many of today’s interesting labels. Not only will you enjoy the view, but your guests will have the benefit of seeing all the interesting selections you’ve made along the way.

VintageView’s modular design is perfect for nine bottles in your kitchen, thirty-six bottles in your dining room or up to a “gazillion” bottles in your wine room. The above image, dubbed “The Silo” is a circular room in Scottsdale, Arizona using VintageView wall mounted racks with capacity for over three thousand bottles.

Can you imagine what a wine cellar looked like in the third millennium BC? Here’s to progress!


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