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Wine of the week: Yay Beaujolais!

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  • Publish Date: Sep 15, 2010

Wine Of The Week 2009 is the best in a long time for Beaujolais. By now you've probably heard the hype about 2009 being an awesome year for the wines of Bordeaux--which is all well and good if you regularly fork over several Benjamins per bottle. However, the beautiful 2009 growing season didn't just bless the region of $100-and-up wines, but the one best known for bottles around $10: Beaujolais.

Not long ago we tasted the full range of Georges Duboeuf Crus Beaujolais, from the $10 basic blend up to the smaller-appellation wines--such as Duboeuf's Morgon, Brouilly and Fleurie--that sell for up to $17. In simple terms: They all rock. Not a single bad 2009 Duboeuf Beaujolais in the bunch--an easy choice for our Wine of the Week.

The full range of these wines--there are more than a dozen Duboeuf Beaujolais--should arrive in shops over the next couple of weeks. Make no mistake: Cru Beaujolais is nothing like the psychedelically labeled Beaujolais Nouveau wines that are released around Thanksgiving each year. Although both Crus and Nouveaus are made of Gamay grapes, the 2009 Cru Beaujolais are in another league--possibly even age-worthy. These are bright, fruity, complex wines with good structure and acidity--all at a great price.

Click here to find where the wines are on sale near you (Note: Remember not to select wines listed as Nouveau). Or if you've already had a taste of a particular 2009 Cru Beaujolais, tell us what you thought of it. Best Beauj ever?

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