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Cooking With Wine

Aug 1, 2011
Cooking With Wine
Foolproof ways to pick the right wine for cooking.

cooking_with_wineYou've heard it said that baking is a science while cooking is an art. Nathan Myhrvold, author of Modernist Cuisine might argue differently. In his epic book discussed in this Wall Street Journal article, Mehrvold delves into the science of cooking and how it can be harnessed by any cook—if you can tackle all 2,438 pages of his six-volume series.

We love cooking with wine, but Myhrvold's massive masterwork got us thinking that we should to boil things down to the basics. Cooking can be approached scientifically, or you can keep in mind these three recommendations for cooking with wine.

1. Don't just throw anything into your food, especially the so-called "cooking wines"; which are often filled with salt or other preservatives. The right wine can add depth and flavor to your pièce de résistance. In fact, many chefs recommend using the same wine for cooking that you will be serving with the dish itself! If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it.

2. When working with reds, remember that tannic wines can become astringent when reduced by the cooking process. Reserve your syrah and heavy cabernet for meaty dishes rich in fat and protein. For lighter cuisine, consider lighter wines like pinot noir or chianti.

3. White wine is best used to add a touch of acidity to a recipe. Generally, choose a dry wine with a clear, cool taste; you can usually trust a good sauvignon blanc. For stronger and spicier dishes, you could try a bold and aromatic wine like gewürztraminer.

Most important: pouring some wine into the pot offers a perfect segue to pouring some into your glass. Never cook empty-handed. Got any hints for cooking with wine? Share them below.

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