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The Perfect Date Night

Feb 6, 2012
The Perfect Date Night
Three sparkling wine recommendations to pair with fondue

chocolate-sl-1120220-lSparkling wine is a great pairing for all fondue. So why not have a fondue date night on Valentine’s Day night and enjoy it with your special someone? Sparkling wine’s bright acidity and fine bubbles sweep the bread and cheese from the palate, making it a perfect pairing for cheese fondue. (Our favorite cheese fondue blend comes from Artisanal Premium Cheese for $24 and can be found here.)

Similarly, the richness, nuttiness, and creaminess of many sparkling wines complements rich foods, like meat dipped in hot oil--aka: meat fondue.

The off-dry nature of many sparkling wines make them perfect pairings for many fresh fruits (since the sweetness of the sparkling wine stands up to the fruit)…and what is tastier than fresh raspberries or strawberries dipped in chocolate? Spumante and Prosecco from Italy are both affordable and often fit the bill of sparkling wines with this faint hint of sweetness.

On a budget? No problem. Here’s a sparkling wine recommendation that won’t break the bank.

J Vineyards "20 Cuvee” Brut non-vintage (Sonoma County, California, $23). Named "20 Cuvee" to celebrate 20 years of winemaking by J Vineyards. Slightly nutty and toasty with a creamy mouthfeel. Find it here.

Ready to splurge? Even better. You can’t go wrong with the real deal, French Champagne, for date night or any other special occasion.

Ayala Brut Majeur non-vintage Champagne (Champagne, France, $40). Notes of brioche and subtle sweetness make it a delicious yet affordable sparkler. Find it here.

High-rolling? The grand-daddy of Champagne, Dom Perignon, is truly worth it.

Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon “Andy Warhol Collection” 2002 (Champagne, France, $180). There are few things in life that consistently live up to the hype. Dom is one of them. With superbly fine bubbles, a beautifully perfumed bouquet, and a silky smooth finish, Dom is the way to go if you want pure class and money is no object. More, the Andy Warhol bottles are perfect collectibles--and would make a great memento from a great date night. Find it here.

Have another recommended date night or Valentine’s Day game plan? Share with us below.

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