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Hard Out Here For A Fromagier

May 9, 2011
Hard Out Here For A Fromagier
Barrie Lynn Krich talks about turning her passion for cheese into a career.

bl_kitchen.lrHave you ever enjoyed a great meal and thought of quitting your job to become a chef? Or tasted a great Cabernet and started Googling how to become a winemaker? Former advertising executive Barrie Lynn Krich threw in the towel and dedicated her life to curds and whey after experiencing "love at first bite" with artisanal cheese.

Today Krich is best known as The Cheese Impresario. Her working hours are spent educating and entertaining about all things cheese, operating under the belief that great-tasting cheese is an experience reserved for none and available to all. Krich is a walking wealth of cheese information, from how much of it to serve at parties (one ounce each of four different cheeses, per person), to what wine to pair with goat brie (Pinot Gris), to how to build an ideal cheese board that covers the full spectrum from soft to hard and mild to ripe.

Of course, Krich's marketing background has certainly helped build her following. When it came time to launch her company she kicked things off, cleverly, by throwing a cheese-tasting party for Three 6 Mafia just after the group won the Oscar for its song "Hard Out Here for a Pimp" in the film Hustle & Flow.

All this and more is discussed in our full interview with Krich, on this week's edition of BottleTalk. Click here to listen to her tales of entertaining Three 6 Mafia and her multiple helpful tips on just about everything related to the rind.

And if you have a favorite wine-cheese pairing, share it with us here.



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