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Champagne Cocktails

Dec 22, 2011
Champagne Cocktails
Some fun and funky additions to your holidays

champagnecocktailMany people take their bubbly straight. But for those who occasionally prefer to indulge their sweet tooth, or those hoping to entertain with a little pizzazz, here are five ways to dress up your sparkling wine or Champagne during the holidays.

1. Add to the flute 2-3 pomegranate seeds for a dash of flavor, color and festivity.

2. Including dried cranberries or 1 dried strawberry has a similar effect. Best of all, they plump up as they become infused with bubbly, so they’re super tasty after you finish sipping.

3. Candied or crystallized ginger is a spicy/sweet addition to each flute. You could even rim the Champagne glasses with a little ginger “sugar,” like a lemon drop!

4. Channel your inner Ernest Hemingway and add Absinthe for pale green sipping. Check out his famous Champagne cocktail recipe here.

5. For something red instead of green, add the liqueur Chambord. Raspberries or blackberries in this Chambord-Champagne cocktail ensure total decadence.

And why should adults have all the fun? For some non-alcoholic sparkling "mocktails", buy Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. Kids (and those not drinking alcohol) can still enjoy a sparkling cocktail by adding POM pomegranate juice to the glass. If they are kids, add PopRocks® for extra fizz and cheer.

Have other recommended ways to dress up your bubbly? Share them below.


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