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 Filed as : Cocktails

Keep Your Spritz About You

Aug 8, 2012
Keep Your Spritz About You
Italian wine cocktails, and how to make your own

15667-00_12er-set-mionetto-il-sprz-und-kuehler-gratis.If you like white wine, you may have had a spritzer before, which is white wine with club soda. But you may not have had the Italian version, called a spritz, which adds a bitter liquor or fruit flavors to white sparkling wine. The spritz is the most popular cocktail in northern Italy, enjoyed by young and old alike.

We at the Daily Sip had the opportunity to try one of the most popular spritzes in northern Italy, called IL Spr!z, which is making its debut in the U.S. Made with frizzante semi-sparkling wine and orange, citrus, and herbal flavoring, it’s served over ice as an aperitif. Orange aromas stand out, and nice fruit flavors are present on the mid-palate. The finish is slightly bitter with a hint of green olives, perfect to drink before a meal. IL products can be found at retailers like Whole Foods.

Want to make your own spritz? It’s incredibly easy. Mix one part prosecco sparkling wine, one part bitter liqueur like Aperol, and one part carbonated water. Serve on the rocks before dinner to stimulate the appetite, and enjoy!

What are your favorite wine cocktails? Share below!


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