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It's A Date

Feb 11, 2011
It's A Date
Follow these steps toward satisfaction...with the wine. The rest is up to you.

date nightValentine's Day may not arrive for another few days, but it's a Friday, so plenty of people are headed out on a first date tonight. While you might be perfectly confident when it comes to getting a date, you might feel a little nervous about ordering the wine on said date. The Daily Sip is here to help.

Do: Order a wine that you already know you like. And ask your date what kinds of wine he or she likes. Just order those wines to get started.

Don't: Start out with shots or a high-octane cocktail like a martini--especially not if you have an empty stomach. Otherwise, it promises to be a short night and a hellacious next day.

When in doubt: Order two different glasses of wine--perhaps one of red and one of white--and take a sip of each. Needless to say, let your date pick his or her favorite. You take the other glass, which makes you out to be thoughtful and generous.

Repeat: Order two different glasses--but this time, experiment and pick a couple wines that are unfamiliar or just outside your comfort zone. Ask for two empty glasses, too, so you can pour yourselves equal amounts of each wine. You both might find something you like.

Don't: Feel the need to overspend on a bottle in order to impress. If you know a lot about wine, your date might not like your pick. And if you know only a little, big bucks for a bottle doesn't guarantee a wine you both will like. Test the waters on a first date; raise the bar around the third date.

When all else fails...: Should neither of you like the wines or each other, order that martini.

What wine do you order on a date? Share your date-night wine tips below.

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Wine Of The Week
Wine & Chocolate, Obviously

Feb 11, 2011
One of my favorite wine is Peter Lehmann`s Weighbridge Unoaked Chardonnay. Try it and Enjoy. Share it, and you`re sure to impress!!!

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