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If You'd Drink It, Cook With It

Jan 4, 2012
If You'd Drink It, Cook With It
Friends don't let good wine go to waste

curtis-stone-beef-stew-step3-deglaze-450x394While we admit the concept of leftover wine is a foreign one, it’s possible you’ve a few bottles remaining from New Year’s Eve. In case you don’t feel like drinking for a few days following the weekend’s festivities, here are 3 simple steps to use wine in winter stew.

1. Put a cork in it. Warm temperatures and oxygen cause wine to spoil the quickest, so put yours in the fridge as soon as possible. While it’s best to start cooking sooner rather than later, don’t worry if several days pass before you don your chef’s hat.

2. Pick your meat. As with conventional pairings, red meat generally pairs with red wine. Julia Child used zinfandel in her traditional beef and vegetable stew and Burgundy wine when preparing boeuf bourguignon. Whites and lighter reds, like this PAUL DURDILLY Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 ($12), make for excellent savory chicken or fish stews. However, this fantastic Irish beef stew recipe calls for white wine.

3. Cook and share. As with wine, food is best enjoyed in the company of friends. Extra points for cooking with the same wine you plan to drink.

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