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You Heard It Here First

Jul 27, 2011
You Heard It Here First
Revel in these tasty albeit obscure Purcuri wines from Moldova.

negru_purcariIf—like half the Bottlenotes Team—you weren’t even sure Moldova was a country, you’re forgiven for not having Moldovan wines on the top of your shopping list. Even if you are familiar with the history of this tiny, Eastern European, ex-Soviet, republic nestled between Romania and Ukraine, you probably aren’t too well versed in their wines. If, however, you sample the wines from Vinaria Purcari, you may be inspired to think of Moldova in a different light.

Wine production in the Purcari region, then a part of Russia, started in 1827. In the mid to late19th century, wines from the area garnered a small following on the international stage, but soon winemaking in Purcari declined, and the wine production facilities built centuries ago fell into disuse and disrepair. Somehow, some of these original structures survived the World Wars, the rise and fall of the USSR, and Moldova’s declarations of sovereignty and independence during the early 1990's. In 2003, Vinaria Purcari purchased the prized growing areas of Purcari and began redevelopment, renovating and retrofitting many of the ancient facilities, including cellars built as early as 1827.

Today, the winery is in full swing, producing eight different wines from a range of varietals, including the flagship bottles, Negru de Purcari (Cabernet Sauvignon dominant blend) and Roşu de Purcari (Cabernet Sauvignon), all of which are layered, complex, well balanced, and European in style. Perhaps the USSR’s communist ethos carried over to Purcari, because these are great wines for any budget: Drinkers of the world, unite!

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Jul 28, 2011
My wife and I lived in Moldova for the past six months. We were able to tour the Pucari winery.It is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills that are all cultivated with corn, wheat, and of course vineyards. The Purcari staff is quite knowledgeable abouttheir wines and the winery is modern and welcomes visitors. The wine tasting was delightful and the lunch that was served was excellent. The wines are very good (the Negru de Pucari was excellent), affordable,and will get better in the future. We also visited Romania which, just like Moldova, is not on the tour operators schedules.Although it may take a little extra to plan a visit to these countries; they are more than worth it.

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