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Baby you can drive my wine country

Sep 29, 2011
Baby you can drive my wine country
Skip the limo and hand over your keys

carserviceWe know you don’t even let your best friend drive your precious Prius, let alone a stranger. But if you could both enjoy a day of wine tasting without arguing over who will be designated driver, wouldn’t you do it?

It’s a new concept in wine country hospitality. Instead of forking over heaps of cash for a limo, you can now pay an insured driver to take the wheel while you get your drink on. The fact that it’s your car or rental makes it all the more cozy.

If you use Designated Drivers Napa & Sonoma, a driver will show up at your hotel and leave his car there. For $50 an hour (and no minimum), she’ll drive you to the wineries of your choice or arrange a customized itinerary for you. Owners Dan and Ona are long-time residents of Napa Valley, and have access to properties that are normally closed to the public.

The drill is similar at, where Buzz, a professional limo driver and former Robert Mondavi Winery employee, charges as little as $25 an hour and will trek as far as Marin County or San Francisco to pick you up (for an extra fee). Tipping, of course, is at your discretion.

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