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Sweet Spring

May 20, 2011
Sweet Spring
Panna cotta with a dessert wine from Southwest France

All this week The Daily Sip™ is bringing you tasty food-and-wine pairings you can serve up at home. The recipes were created and wines chosen by chefs participating in the 80 Sips Challenge, running through May 27 at top New York restaurants. Click here to learn more about the Challenge's featured restaurants, the wines and how to participate, or click here to make a reservation at a participating 80 Sips Challenge restaurant through

Scott BryanFresh fruit is a usual go-to for springtime desserts, but there's no reason you can't make it a little more sophisticated--and wine-friendly.

This easy panna cotta recipe courtesy of executive chef Scott Bryan of New York's Apiary will add elegance to your usual after-dinner staple this time of year.

The Dish: Apiary's Panna Cotta (serves six)
The Wine: Domaine Cauhape "Ballet d'Octobre" (Jurançon, France)

• 2 Cups cream
• 1.5 oz. sugar
• 1 Vanilla bean, scraped
• 2 Leaves of gelatin
• 6 Panna cotta molds or baking cups

Put cream, vanilla and sugar into a pot and bring to a boil. Add gelatin and stir for a minute, until it dissolves. Strain and pour the liquid into molds/baking cups. Place them in the refrigerator until the panna cottas set, approximately 2 hours. To serve, hold a mold in one hand and place a dish, face down, on top; invert quickly, then remove the mold. Pile fresh fruit of your choice on top of the panna cotta and serve.

The Domaine Cauhape "Ballet d'Octobre"" ($14/375ml) is a sweet white wine made of the Gros Manseng grape in southwest France's Jurançon region. The grapes are picked and dried on racks so the water can evaporate--and the grapes' natural sugars concentrate--before the grapes are crushed, pressed and fermented. The wine tastes like sweet, dried fruit and honey--a perfect pairing for a panna cotta with fresh fruit.

What's your favorite dessert and wine pairing? Share your recipe or tip below.

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