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 Filed as : Entertaining

Spin the Bottle Wine Game

Sep 12, 2012
Spin the Bottle Wine Game
It’s perfect for your next dinner party

winegameYou may have played spin the bottle as a kid, but now adults can play Spin the Bottle with Vino Vault, available here. This game is perfect for the next dinner party you host, and the goal is to exchange bottles of wine by the end.

To play, each couple or guest brings two identical bottles of wine, one to be tasted while the other is locked in the Vino Vault and unable to be opened. On each turn, one couple draws a card displaying a five-letter word and sets that word as the combination to the Vino Vault. Play proceeds around the circle with each couple using the spinner to determine which level of difficulty of the clue to be given (black is hardest, ranging to burgundy, the easiest). The couple that set the combination reads the clue each time, and play proceeds until one couple guesses the word correctly, and wins the wine in the vault.

There are some real gems in the clues offered. For example, one of the clues for Santa is “More deliveries than UPS.” And one of the clues for Drunk is simply “Keith Moon.”

Know any other fun wine-related games? Tell us below!


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