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Protection For Your Juice

Mar 14, 2011
Protection For Your Juice
This little plastic barrier offers low risk and peace of mind.

wine shieldAll too often the mood strikes us to open a good bottle of wine. And somewhere between the second glass and the end of Top Chef, we realize it's time for bed and half the bottle remains unconsumed. So it's decision time. Options:

• Stay up through Stewart and Colbert, and just finish the bottle.
• Stick the bottle in the fridge--which might only help prevent oxidation a little.
• Pour the remainder into an empty half bottle and recork it--a great solution if you actually have an empty half bottle on hand.
• Use the Wine Shield, a plastic film that slips into the bottle easily and acts as a barrier between the remaining wine and the air in the bottle--thus preventing oxidation.

We take the last one. And we're true believers in this innovation since we tried it on a bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris last week, then just left the bottle sitting out for a couple days. While the Wine Shield doesn't look terribly appealing, sort of like one of George Costanza's pudding skins floating on top of your wine, we found that the wine tasted every bit as fresh and vibrant as when we first cracked the screw cap.

You can watch this video about how to apply the Wine Shield, or buy a six-pack of Shields for a mere $6 here. When you consider that each glass of wine in a $20 bottle costs $4 or $5, it'd be a shame to pour $10 worth of unfinished, oxidized wine down the drain.

What's your tried-and-true trick for preserving freshness in an opened bottle of wine? Share your secret below.

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Mar 14, 2011
Is there a special code for the free shipping for this Wine Shield? I tried to order, but there was a shipping fee.

0 out of 0 people thought this note was helpful.

Mar 14, 2011
I ordered and was charged shipping! :-( didn't see the
free shipping in the article and just ordered....oops!
I'd like to know if I can get a code...
Mar 14, 2011
Hi guys, We're looking into this with Wine Shield
right now to see if it was an error on our part or a
change to their site in the time betwen when we wrote
the item and sent it. Please stay tuned! Best, Eric
Mar 14, 2011
UPDATE: The kind folks at Wine Shield are offering
free shipping on the 10 pack. This should be set up in
the ordering system by the end of the day. Apologies
again for the confusion! eric

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