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Smart Wine Clubs

May 2, 2011
Smart Wine Clubs
These new, creative clubs are worth joining--and are great Mother's Day gifts.

shelleylindgrenWho doesn't want a few new bottles of wine arriving on the doorstep every so often? While not all wine clubs were created equally, a few new ones offer plenty of passion for--and education about--certain regions. And they make for fantastic Mother's Day gifts, too.

Shelly Lindgren, wine director and co-owner of San Francisco hotspots A16 and SPQR, is again offering up an education in the joys of Southern Italy. First it was with her cookbook; now it's in three-bottle, $95 wine shipments (monthly or bimonthly). This is a great way to get a sense of Lindgren's passion for Southern Italian wines without making a special trip to San Francisco (or Puglia, Italy, for that matter).

Two more clubs that caught our eye recently are offered by Oregon winery Scott Paul--yet the clubs offer special selections from France's Burgundy and Champagne regions, not Oregon. With each Burgundy shipment, members are emailed tasting notes, maps and loads of other information about the producers and their vineyards. And the Champagne club focuses on the myriad styles, production techniques and villages within the region so you get a better sense of Champagne's overall history.

The Scott Paul shipments are less frequent and pricier (four to six bottles for $175-$250 for Burgundy; six bottles for $250-$300 for Champagne), but at two shipments per year the cost is comparable to A16's club. It all just depends on the region that you--or your lucky mom--want to explore.

Click here for more information on A16's Southern Italian wine club (as well as SPQR's), or click here to email Scott Paul Wines to learn about either the Burgundy or Champagne club.

Which region would you like to learn about through a wine club? Tell us here.

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