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Put a Cork In It; In Your Flip-Flops, That Is

May 15, 2012
Put a Cork In It; In Your Flip-Flops, That Is
Recycled wine corks make fun footwear

corkflipflops.Sip it, wear it, do the environment a solid.

That’s the end result of a recycling initiative by specialty beverage seller BevMo!, Vancouver-based footwear company SOLE, and ReCork, a cork recycling initiative.

Here’s what they’re doing: If you bring used corks to any California or Arizona BevMo! store, they’ll pass them along to be made into some happening flip flops. So the corks get a second life, and someone gets a cushy walk in new shoes.

If you’re just dropping off the corks, BevMo! is handing out free cork coasters and wine carriers made from recycled materials (while supplies last).

Natural cork is a very sustainable product, and it’s what the footwear firm SOLE has been using so far. But SOLE has also tested recycled corks, and are now integrating them into the supply stream.

The cork flip flops are said to equalize pressure distribution and increase balance, while providing cushioning.

You can buy them ($79) at the SOLE website, and they come in both men’s and women’s. Colors vary by size.

Do you do anything with your corks now? Tell us below!


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