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One Wine Glass

Jun 16, 2011
One Wine Glass
There's no need for multiple sets of wine glasses. Just a very good one.

the_one_wine_glassSometimes, all it takes to catch your eye are some seriously good contours. But ultimately, for the long term it helps if there's some substance there, too. Such is the case with stemware.

Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson, who you probably recognize from her multiple food and wine books or her TV shows on Food Network and Fine Living programs, is now taking her talents to stemware. Using her sommelier senses she scrutinized the best available glass designs, then created her own, new line of stemware that's German made, dishwasher safe, break resistant and lead free. Since it's the only wine glass you could possibly need, she gave it a fitting name: The One.

Even Robinson will happily admit that, contrary to popular belief, you don't need a different stem for each wine varietal, as "advocated by the world's most famous crystal brand with a major advertising budget," she confesses. "You should only need one white wine stem and one red wine stem to enjoy the world of wine."

Blind tasting after blind tasting with her own stems only confirmed this to Robinson, who's already spent a career helping simplify wine rather than over-complicating it. And at $49.95 for four glasses, The One clocks in at about half the price of similar-quality stems. You can purchase the glasses here.

What's the best wine glass you've tried? Tell us about it below.

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