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 Filed as : Cocktails

The Daily Sip's Favorite Summer Sipper

Jul 18, 2012
The Daily Sip's Favorite Summer Sipper
Watermelon moscato spritzer

146015212888819592_unfw63pb_f_400.Europeans have enjoyed these for centuries; Americans are just getting into the summer spritzer craze. Far classier than Zima from the 1980s, spritzers can be sipped poolside, by the barbecue, at summer parties, and on and on. In short, they’re the new rage.

Bottlenotes’ CEO Alyssa Rapp and marketing associate Abigail Purcell had the pleasure of tasting this refreshing moscato spritzer at Houston’s Food & Wine week in June. The recipe below is an adaptation of the original version prepared by John Brazie, Executive Chef at The Woodlands Resort in Houston.

Watermelon Moscato Summer Spritzer
• 1/4 part moscato wine (sparkling or still)
• 1/4 part watermelon juice
• 1/4 part sparkling water
• 1/4 lemon juice
• skewer of frozen watermelon balls to nibble on (like olives in a martini)
• Mint leaves for garnish

Pre-chill all ingredients in your refrigerator for 12 hours before preparing the spritzers. Measure and mix all ingredients into a pitcher or individual glasses. Stir individual glasses with the skewer(s) of frozen watermelon balls. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Have a favorite spritzer of your own? Share it below!


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