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We'd Tap That

Mar 10, 2011
We'd Tap That
The wine lover's version of the kegerator.

wine caskA few months ago, we let you know about the20--a cool, environmentally friendly cask system that keeps wine fresher for restaurants' and wine bars' by-the-glass pours. No more getting the last little bits of the bottle that's been open behind the bar for three days.

Now, you don't even need to go to the wine bar; the20 has just introduced its home version. Stand up from the couch, mosey on over to the kitchen, pull the handle on the tap and pour yourself a fresh glass without worrying about the rest of the wine going to waste--because it's preserved perfectly.

The cask's cartridges are triple laminated to ensure that the wine inside them stays fresh for about a month after you've poured your first glass...though somehow we doubt it'll take you that long to finish each three-liter cartridge (equivalent to four regular-size bottles). All the wines made for the20 are high-end, small-volume lots that normally retail for $25 to $50 per bottle. This is seriously tasty stuff to have on tap.

By eliminating glass, corks and several other expensive, tedious elements of the traditional wine business, the20's cartridges cost anywhere from 25% to 50% less than if you bought the same wines in regular bottles. (A $20 bottle costs you roughly $4 per glass, but it's roughly $2 per glass when using the20.) And through the20's wine club, you get your very own cask ($99) and six wine shipments--the equivalent of 24 bottles--in the first year (prices vary, depending on the wines). If you don't like, say, the Syrah that's on offer one month, no problem--wait for a wine you know you'll like.

Admit it: There's something inherently appealing about the idea of having wine on tap at home. You can join the20's wine club here. Through Friday, the20 is hooking up all Daily Sippers with $30 off the wine club, so be sure to buy while the getting's good.

If you could have any wine on tap at home, what would it be? Tell us below.

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