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Pairing Wine With Chocolate--An Often Daunting Task

Apr 25, 2012
Pairing Wine With Chocolate--An Often Daunting Task
Non-dessert wine for dessert

chocolateandwineThere are classic combinations in life: wine and cheese, fries and ketchup, bagels and cream cheese. We think wine and chocolate should be added to the list.

Napa Valley’s Swanson Vineyards sells chocolate in their tasting room—it’s called Clarke’s Bark after founder Clark Swanson. And Vosges Haut Chocolat offers a pre-packed pairing. They suggest trying Swanson’s Oakville Merlot with their dark chocolate truffles. Your taste buds will sing when the black cherry and espresso of the wine mixes with the dark chocolates. The wine and the truffles sell for $87 for both together.

Foley, in the Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County produces Foley Pinot Noir Barrel Select. It’s caramel and vanilla undertones are the perfect pairing for some plain old milk chocolate. It’s an indulgence worth the $60 a bottle price.

Down the highway in the same county, Fess Parker is doing the work for you, offering both Coffee Merlot Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Pinot Noir Raspberry pourable sauces, which you can order by mail. If you’re at the winery, they use their port in some tiny chocolate tarts that are serious showstoppers. It’s worth noting that the late Fess Parker was the actor who played Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Now just a note on doing your pairings: Not all wine tastes good with all chocolate, in fact, often it doesn’t work. Having said that, light elegant chocolates are best paired with light wines, so they compliment each other rather than cancel each other out. Save the bigger wines for the bigger chocolates.

Do you have a favorite wine and chocolate pairing? Tell us below.


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