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 Filed as : Entertaining

Almost Here…A Board Game for Vino Lovers

Oct 6, 2012
Almost Here…A Board Game for Vino Lovers
Kickstart and compete to build a Tuscan wine empire

viticulture__400Take two guys who love to invent games and love to drink wine, throw in a dash of Sideways-like romantic comedy, and what do you get? Viticulture, the new board game where players compete to build a Tuscan wine estate.

Well, almost. Viticulture is, so far, just a dream on Kickstarter. But if inventors Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone get their way, you’ll help them fund what might be the coolest game to play while you’re enjoying your vino. In the proposed game, you find yourself in pre-modern Tuscany, where you’ve inherited a rustic vineyard. You’ll have a few plots of land, an old area for crushing your grapes, a tiny cellar, four workers who must do different tasks depending on the season…and the dream of owning the best winery in Italy.

To launch the game, Stegmaier and Stone need $25,000 to manufacture the first 1500 copies of Viticulture. Ready to help them? See their Kickstarter campaign here and donate before October 8th to make a difference!

Know of any other great wine board games? Tell us below!


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