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Ways To Dress Up Your Wine Gifts

Dec 21, 2011
Ways To Dress Up Your Wine Gifts
It’s all in the present-ation

f441e61aHoliday gift-wrapping takes time. It also kills trees. So here are some new (paperless!) ways to dress up your wine gifts this season.

For the Fashionista: For those who might like to quaff their couture, we recommend the Missoni for Target collection, replete with fabric wine tags and gift boxes under $10. Visit eBay and Amazon if you can’t find Missoni’s zig zags on

For Your Nearest and Dearest: Sometimes what you're sipping is less important than why, or with whom, you're sipping it—especially during the holidays. That's the philosophy behind WINEnot stickers and gift tags that feature tongue-and-cheek sayings. Many skew feminine, and others suggest you can use wine to escape the anxieties of day-to-day reality. Our favorite: "Wine improves with age; I improve with wine."

For The Chocoholic: Swap ho-ho-ho for Cocoa Vinoso. Nothing says celebration like specialty chocolates intended to be paired with wine--especially if someone else suggests the appropriate pairing. This year, you’ll know where to “choc” up your holiday weight gain.

For The One You Kiss: Tie a sprig of fresh mistletoe around a bottle of the wine that you and your significant other first enjoyed together—or the bottle you’ll open on the dream Euro-cation you’re saving for.

For Your Older Sibling: Time to get even for all those hand-me-downs that you hated growing up. Cut off the sleeves of your least favorite sweater for a DIY wine wrap. Points if you wore it to the holiday sweater party this year.

For The Friend You Forgot…Until Now: Pressed for time? Grab a bottle from your fridge and a square handkerchief. Then, wrap your wine bottle the Furoshiki way—a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for transporting goods. You can say you’re getting feng shui in the New Year.

What’s been your favorite wrapping for a wine gift? Tell us below.

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Dec 21, 2011
Lots of good ideas at

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Dec 21, 2011
What is the "dress up" in the photo? It's not identified though clearly holiday appropriate

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