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The Ides Of March

Mar 15, 2012
The Ides Of March
Star-studded characteristics

actorsThe Ides of March used to be known as the day Julius Caesar was murdered, stabbed 23 times by a group of really bad Romans.

But move over JC; a more modern fictional cultural reference dominates now-- the movie, Ides of March.

This March 15, in honor of the two Hollywood hunks who provide us with serious eye candy throughout the flick plus, of course, Caesar himself, we’ve put together three wine picks—one wine representing each man.

For George Clooney, we chose a red Bordeaux that is super enticing and will make you drool, kinda like Clooney.
Le Clémentin du Château Pape Clément 2005 (Graves, France) $50

When we think of Ryan Gosling, we think smooth, approachable and awesome. And he’s not just a pretty face; the guy’s got depth. So we’ve chosen a real charmer of a rosé with all the same traits. Just like Gosling, you won’t want to share it.
Phillipe Tessier Cheverny Rosé 2010 (Loire Valley, France) $10

Julius Caesar was a gigantic character--stately and complex. Here’s a tasty Italian red with the same traits.
La Spinetta Barbera d'Asti Ca’ Di Pian 2007(Piedmont, Italy) $25

Which of your own characteristics are reflected in the wine you drink? Tell us below.


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