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Add Some Salt

Oct 20, 2011
Add Some Salt
Dial up the flavor of your next culinary concoction with wine salt

winesalt_01.No self-respecting foodie would be caught dead serving plain table salt these days. Garlic salt? Lemon salt? Those are old hat by now. Why not consider sprucing up your dinner table with something really new: wine salt.

Admittedly, your pantry may already be stocked with much of the good stuff—salt sourced from the Himalayas or hand-harvested off the coast of France. For, as we all know, there’s nothing like flavored salt to add additional panache to a gourmet spread. But several companies now offer something a taste above: wine-infused salts, with flavors from muscat to merlot.

La Tienda, Salts of the 7 Seas and Salt Works all stock different varieties… or should we say varietals? Just follow the pairing guidelines of their liquid counterparts. White wine salts work well for seasoning vegetables and fish; we’d reach for a red wine salt to accompany a juicy steak or hearty stew.

The flavors are subtle, delicious and refined. While there’s no risk you’ll confuse the salt shaker with your wine glass, these crystals do add some wine essence to whatever they’re seasoning.

Like the wine flour we told you about recently, wine salt gives you yet another way to drink your wine and eat it too. Yum!

Which meal would you most likely incorporate wine salt into? Tell us below.


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