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Saturday Night Live Wine Labels

Aug 16, 2011
Saturday Night Live Wine Labels
Wine labels that embrace the real reasons we drink wine.

winenotSometimes what you're sipping is less important than why you're sipping it. That's the philosophy behind WINEnot stickers, a series of labels with tongue-and check designs and sayings that you can affix onto a bottle of wine. The labels are designed with gift giving in mind: each comes with a matching gift tag to slip over the neck of the bottle.

Most stickers skew feminine with labels like "Girls Night In!" "You’ve waited 9 Months…" or "Mommy’s Little Helper." Some suggest booze can be used to escape the anxieties of day-to-day reality. "Wine: Cheaper than Therapy" and "Pain Reliever—Rx: 2 glasses" jump to mind. Some, however, struck a familiar chord with us at The Daily Sip: "This wine tastes best when served with good friends" or "Wine improves with age; I improve with wine."

These labels reframe the drinking experience in a way that even the most serious oenophile can appreciate. WINEnot stickers remind us that the pleasure of drinking wine is not only tied to the quality of the wine, but also tied to the character of the wine experience as a whole. While we won't be putting these stickers on our prized bottles of Bordeaux, they're great reminders of the many ways in which wine influences our lives.

They may also be the perfect way to convert a friend to a new wine habit. Wine, of course, tastes best when served with good friends.

What's your favorite WINEnot label? Share it below.

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