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Bracket, Taste, Win

Mar 23, 2012
Bracket, Taste, Win
A March Madness Wine Tasting Game

bball_400.This Sip was also featured in the Huffington Post yesterday! Find it here.

By now, the brackets have been circulated, the pools have been entered, and the heat is on. Who will win it this year--the underdog; the new proverbial kid on the block? Only time (and some heart-palpitating jump shots) will tell.

If you are someone who loves college basketball and great wine (like most of us at Bottlenotes), then why not channel your competitive spirit by leveraging your “love” at whatever shindigs you host or attend during March Madness?

Introducing: Wine Brackets.

Wine blogger extraordinaire Tyler Coleman (aka Dr. Vino) should be credited with the most clever rendition when he posted a bracket of wine brands in 2008 entitled “Wine Madness” " (find it here). In it, he seeded the first set of brands, and let the community vote on who should advance. Mayhem ensued.

The same can hold true for you. Simply encourage your friends to bring two bottles each. Create an “Elite Eight” bracket. Flip a coin to see which brands are matched up first. Sip, vote, and see which brands advance.

Best of all, the winner can take home the remaining one bottle each of the line-up!

Recommend another March Madness wine country game? Share it below.


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