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Picnic Picks

Aug 9, 2011
Picnic Picks
Wine accessories for a worry-free al fresco experience.

wine_picnicLabor Day is approaching and as the crisp fall air settles in, it’s the perfect time for one of our favorite fair-weather activities: a wine picnic. If images of ants marching over the food and wines being tipped over are already beginning to fill your mind, hold on. With a couple of nifty picnic accessories, you may be able to avoid those marauding ants and annoying spills, and still bask in the sun.

Once you open up your first bottle, pop it in this outdoor wine bottle holder from Uncommon Goods. The stainless steel bottle holder is propped up by a stainless steel stake, so you can stick it in the ground, throw in your bottle, and rest easy without worrying about knocking over your red wine every time you reach for more watermelon.

Still worried about those wine glasses? Get a bamboo wine table, also from Uncommon Goods. Drive the stake on this lightweight bamboo contraption into the ground, and you’ll have a stable table that will keep your cheeses or charcuterie plate off the ground and away from grass and dirt, not to mention the aforementioned inquisitive ants. Best yet, the table has two little openings to hold glasses of wine.

So, abandon those picnic fears, and try out these clever accessories for a flawless wine picnic.

Got any other great ideas for a picnic with wine? Share them with us below.

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Aug 9, 2011
I usually just invert ther cork and stick it back in the bottle. Then I don't care if it tips over. Pick it up again. I do like the little table on a stick though because it holds stemware. Glasses or cups tipping over is always a drag.

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