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Summer Salad-Wine Pairings

Aug 17, 2012
Summer Salad-Wine Pairings
Wines to sip with great salads

wine_pasta_saladOne of the best ways to celebrate summer is by having a good salad. As long as there isn’t a ton of vinegar in the dressing, wine pairs very well with nearly any kind of salad. Follow this guide the next time you make one for dinner or a picnic.

Garden salad. For a salad with fresh greens and vegetables, pinot grigio is an excellent choice. Try LA VIARTE Pinot Grigio 2010 (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy) $14, with apple and floral flavors that would complement fresh greens well. Available here.

Salad with meat. You can’t go wrong with merlots, because they can have both floral and earthy flavors. We recommend TAMARACK CELLARS Merlot 2008 (Columbia Valley, WA) $20, a wine with spicy fruit flavors. Available here.

Pasta salad. Served cold, pasta salad pairs very well with chardonnay. How about FOLONARI Chardonnay 2010 (Delle Venezie, Italy) $10? With its nut and slightly sweet fruit flavors, it will complement that salad nicely. Available here.

Fruit salad. Riesling is the best choice here because of its lightness and fruitiness. Try: ARCANE CELLARS Estate Riesling 2009 (Willamette Valley, OR) $15. It has floral aromas, peach and citrus flavors, and a great balance of acidity and sweetness. Available here.

What are your favorite wine-salad pairings? Tell us below!


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