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A Race Against Wine

Jul 19, 2011
A Race Against Wine
The Tour de France, Medoc Marathon, and alcohol-fueled racing

tour_de_france_drinking_wineNot surprisingly, a doping debate is dogging the 2011 Tour de France. Cyclists used performance-enhancing drugs before the Tour de France started, and have made a habit of it ever since. While we don’t want to weigh in on the scientific issues surrounding doping, there is one performance-enhancer used in the Tour de France that we’re partial to: alcohol. Back in the early days of the Tour, when it was more common to inhale ether than inject erythropoietin, racers would bring out the booze to help numb the pain of the race. (Maybe that’s what inspired the bicycle wine rack.)

While we’ve found excessive drinking hinders athletic performance, there are some sporting events that rely on drinking wine. (Not just the Tour de Franzia.) You may have heard of the Medoc Marathon, the route of which winds through picturesque vineyards in Bordeaux. Forget Gatorade. Thirsty runners quaff samples of fine French wine and cuisine from 18 different stations as they dash or stumble along.

While such a challenge is above most of us here at Bottlenotes, we’re inspired by the idea. Luckily, one of the bravest among us, Andy Anderson, will be competing in the Medoc Marathon this fall. Stay tuned for his report on what it feels like to run over 26 miles while trying to appreciate some of the world’s best vin.

Are there any other events that marry wine and athletic competition? Tell us about them below.

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