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Wine And Your Canine

Nov 10, 2011
Wine And Your Canine
Wine finds for man’s best friend

dogleashesFurry might not be the first word you’d choose to describe the perfect pairing, but it might have just become ours.

Want the backstory? Adam Major and Taylor Latham were getting married, and decided to thank their bridal party with gifts that were appropriate for their wine-country wedding. The problem was, they couldn’t find anything they considered fashion-forward.

So the stylish sippers founded Little Barrel, a luxury brand for wine-themed clothing. We’ve given their neckties, totes, and headbands some well-deserved love before.

But back to our story. Several years passed. Then as many married couples do, the duo decided their family should grow. In short, their canine—Sydney—made them three. It was only appropriate for Little Barrel’s offerings to expand as well. Check out their newest line of dog leashes here.

Vineyard chic now comes in the form of eight layers of durables 100% silk. Each leash features patterns from clinking glasses to bunches of bottles.

Tell us your thoughts about Little Barrel’s journey from bowties to bow-wow—which one would you put on your most faithful friend?


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