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Astrolabe Comes Stateside

Oct 5, 2011
Astrolabe Comes Stateside
New Zealand’s hot new winery hits stores in the U.S.

astrolabeIn the mid 1990's, as a hobby, a group of college friends started a winery in Marlborough, New Zealand. They didn't want to call it anything "bridge," "bay, " "rock, " "cliff," or "stone," as was the trend in those days.

Enter the idea of an astrolabe—a navigational instrument used by sailors to navigate by the stars. Since this venture was metaphorically a new journey for all of the parties involved, the name seemed appropriate.

Fifteen years later, Astrolabe is now distributed in 22 countries, with a cult following almost everywhere it lands. Here in the U.S., many are calling it the next Cloudy Bay. Astrolabe's production is 75% sauvignon blanc; however, we find the winery's pinot gris, gewürztraminers and rieslings equally impressive.

Like sailors, the winemaking team at Astrolabe is filled with explorers: they search every vineyard plot meticulously seeking specific aromatic profiles for each of their different wines. The team is headed up by winemaker Simon Waghorn, founding winemaker of White Haven by Gallo.

Why haven't we seen these wines until now? Simon had a non-compete agreement for his wines in the U.S. until recently. (If that's not a vote of confidence in the quality of the wines, we don't know what is). With the non-compete expired, numerous Master Sommeliers are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on the wines (and we are too).

With their awesome minerality and mouthwatering citrus notes, the Astrolabe wines will have you "seeing stars" in no time.

You can order Astrolabe wines for the first time this week at Try a bottle today!


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