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 Filed as : Wine Acessories

Purple Oxygen Eater

May 21, 2012
Purple Oxygen Eater
Creators of latex balloon promise to make that pinot last

winecorkHere at Bottlenotes, we get excited about wine gadgets — especially when they work.

If, like us, you’ve gotten mixed results when trying to preserve leftover wine with pumps or inert gas, you should try the Air Cork, which has been featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and Food Network’s “Kitchen Inventors.”

The Air Cork ($22), formerly known as the Wine Balloon, is simple. It doesn’t matter how much wine is left in the bottle. Just insert the gizmo’s purple balloon inside the 750-milliliter bottle and inflate until one and a half inches of the balloon’s natural rubber latex is pressed firmly to the bottle’s sides.

Latex in wine? Yup. According to the web site, all ingredients in the balloon meet U.S. FDA Standards for food contact (FDA 177.26) and will not alter the taste of your wine. Overall, it prevents oxidation for three days.

If you need another day or two, give the pump a few more squeezes before the balloon loses its seal. Then deflate and enjoy.

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