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 Filed as : Wine Acessories

Cool Wine Cooling

Nov 23, 2011
Cool Wine Cooling
Wine cellars as décor

winecellarYes, you like to drink your wine, but as an enthusiast, maybe you’d like to make it part of the décor of your home. That way, your guests can see it, enjoy it and admire it as they would art. A Los Angeles company is creating some truly unique cooling rooms, with custom-designed glass doors, special racking systems, and perfectly tuned humidity and temperature controls in the strangest places.

They are using front hall foyers, kitchen pantries, and even main rooms-- you name it-- to create wine storage rooms for clients. The rooms aren’t just about design, though; they are truly functional. (Basements are often too cool for wine storage.) If you don’t have a room to spare, a closet can be fitted as well.

The price tag? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. The company has built “cellars” for $5000 and for $50,000 and a lot in between.

So clear out the toy room, the office you don’t use or a closet full of old sports equipment, files, or last year’s Jimmy Choos, and make space and art out of your vino collection.


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