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 Filed as : Tech

Design Meets Function Meets Wine

Dec 18, 2013
Design Meets Function Meets Wine
That ringing in your head isn’t your hangover talking

doorbell“Ding Dong.”
You hear it every time a visitor arrives and rings your doorbell. Well, for wine lovers, fans of great design, and for the wine gadget collector who has everything, we present: The Bottoms Up doorbell.

When a visitor steps up to your door, they press a button, just as with any other doorbell. Instead of a tinny ringing, two crystal wine glasses hanging upside down (get it, bottoms up?) create a musical toast to announce the arrival. It’s funky, functional, artsy, and certain to be a conversation piece.

Bottoms Up was designed by Peter van der Jagt. It’s for sale online for $312.50.

Talk about an original way to use wine glasses.

What is the wackiest wine gadget you’ve ever seen? Tell us below.

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