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 Filed as : Wine Acessories

Timeless and Infinitely-Useful Wine Accessories

Jun 8, 2012
Timeless and Infinitely-Useful Wine Accessories
Graduate into adulthood with wine

caps3It’s that time of year again: inspirational speeches; mortar boards flying sky-high; graduates heading out to conquer the world. 

So if the graduate in your life is also a burgeoning or serious wine lover, we recommend these infinitely practical accessories as wine gifts for grads:

1. A Proper Corkscrew

corkscrew1_02Few things are as useful when setting out into the world to claim your destiny as a proper waiter’s corkscrew. Our favorites at the Daily Sip have rubber grips, multiple (double) joints to open wine bottles in two steps, and can of course dub as a bottle opener.

A wide range of corkscrews are available on for less than $10. Find them here.

2. Bottle Stoppers

bottlestoppers1_01If the grad in your world is more serious about wine and tends to try multiple wines in a given week, a set of elegant stoppers is useful-- and encourages moderate consumption. For the budget version, there are colorful 2-packs of bottle stoppers for $5.95. Find them here. For a slightly more sophisticated version, find a stainless steel bottle stopper for $29.95 here. If you feel like totally indulging your grad, Tiffany makes a gorgeous bottle stopper in sterling silver that he or she will undoubtedly cherish for life. Find it here ($225).

3. Single-Bottle Wine Chiller

wine_chiller2_02First comes education, then comes romance (or so we’d like to think). To help the graduate reel in true love, wine can only help; an individual bottle chiller can also help ensure that the grad is embarking on a night of romance at the proper temperature (ah-hem). Find it here ($63.99).

4. A Starter Wine Refrigerator

wine_coolerWhether living in a hotel or a hovel (or somewhere in between), a mini wine refrigerator is infinitely useful, and can easily be tucked into any room. It guarantees proper storage of one’s wines-- so the bottles that you give your grad will not be cooked by errant radiators or wild weather swings. The Wine Enthusiast makes the most well-known mini -fridge around – it stores 12 bottles. Find it here ($149.95). 

5. A Decanter

decanter_04For the grad who is a serious wine enthusiast, help him or her start the next phase of life by graduating to become not only a professional-- but also a more sophisticated wine drinker. A crystal decanter is the perfect segue for said wine-loving grad. Our favorites are Italian-designed, hand-blown, and made by Bottega del Vino Crystal. Find them here ($150+).

Have more great gift ideas? Tell us below!


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