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Host Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

May 8, 2012
Host Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank
The perfect gift for anyone hosting a party

barbecue-and-wineBBQ season means party season, so we came up with a list of great gifts to bring to your host. And they’re all affordable. Of course, a bottle of wine will always do, but small gifts for those who love and serve you wine are also personal and always appreciated.

cocktailnapkinCocktail napkins are a great gift for a casual party or for the person who has everything. There are some really fun ones at a site called and they sell for about $6 a packet. Any hostess would be thrilled to have stacks on hand for the evening you arrive or the next one. sells some really fun labels for glasses because admit it, most people get a little looped at a party and often forget which glass they were drinking from. Each tag has a funny word on it. There are many Wine Lines, as they call their labels, but one line called Woozy includes words like tipsy, befuddled, and unglued, so you can pre-choose the state you’ll end up in. They are $6 a package.

winelabelsFor the person who has it all, you might bring a stack of personalized labels they can attach to their wine bottles for the party. You can choose from different designs that include well-wishes, photos or funny quips. You can buy 10 labels for under $10.

corkcicleEver sit out on the deck with a bottle of rosé and wish the wine would stay a little colder for just a little longer? Well, to solve that crisis, consider the corkcicle. A great gift, the corkcicle is a cork with a long chilling device that you pull from your freezer and insert into your wine, helping it stay at the perfect temperature. Who doesn’t need that? One is $25, but they come in packs of three as well.


What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten when you hosted a party? Tell us below.


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