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Kickstart a Wine Project

Jul 20, 2012
Kickstart a Wine Project
Help new wine products get off the ground

photo-full_400_02.Have you ever heard of “crowd funding?” This internet-era term refers to people across the world pledging money to support a product, company, or campaign. It’s a recent invention, and in the last ten years or so a number of websites have popped up that offer forums for crowd funding. One of these is Kickstarter.

Kickstarter exists to allow people to fund creative projects and products, and operates in an all-or-nothing manner: the product’s creator sets a fundraising goal and a deadline, and if the goal is not met by the deadline, all funding pledges are canceled. Both posting a project and pledging money are very easy, and as an added bonus, every backer receives a reward from the company they support if the funding is successful.

New projects are added every day, and we found many wine-related products by simply searching “wine” in the search bar. For example, you can help fund U Stomp Winery which offers hands-on (and feet-on) experience making wine; or the Wooden Bottle Wine Company, which sells 17 wines all in wooden bottles. An example of a successfully funded project was $1200 for two brothers to make a documentary on natural wine in California.

What products would you like to see funded? Tell us below!


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