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Give The Gift Of Words

Dec 14, 2011
Give The Gift Of Words
Our favorite wine books from this past year.

booktreeAs the year winds down, we recall with fondness our favorite bottles of wine. But we also remember the best wine books we read this year--the ones captivating enough to pass along to friends and loved ones.

The Psychology of Wine
Philosophic types will rejoice over this soulful read on wine and the human condition. Father-son writing duo Evan Mitchell and Brian Mitchell leave no element of society unturned; in fermented grape juice there is art, science, culture, geography, even God. Meaty and entertaining, it features practical bits, too, on the language of wine, and why pinot grigio is pathological. Buy it here.

The Science of Drinking
Can’t imagine your life without wine? Then practice moderation. That’s the takeaway in Amitava Dasgupta’s book about how alcohol affects your body and mind. Through tedious research, the professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center explains why a glass a day for women (and two for men, lucky dogs) is beneficial and more is very bad. Buy it here.

The Wine Bible
Full disclosure department: this book was written by our acting editor-in-chief Karen MacNeil. It’s one of the best selling wine books in the country, and considered a must-have book for anyone who wants to learn about wine. Hundreds of thousands of people have taught themselves about wine by reading The Wine Bible. So turn a friend on to wine with a bottle and a copy of this. Buy it here.

The Drops of God
As hard to put down as your favorite glass of wine, this bestselling Japanese comic book had us enthralled from the first dialogue bubble. Written and illustrated by Tadashi Agi (the pen name for the brother-and-sister team, Shin and Yuko Kibayashi), The Drops of God is an action-packed wine adventure that weaves in trivia on everything from terroir to decanting. Buy it here.

Living Loaded
It’s hard not to envy Dan Dunn’s lifestyle. Or fear it. The Playboy magazine liquor columnist gets paid to test hangover cures, wine-and-porn pairings, and the mouth-watering cocktail recipes that precede each chapter in this wild, autobiographical portrait of a professional drinker. Warning: You may not want to drink alcohol for a while after reading this book. Buy it here.

An Ideal Wine
Author David Darlington weaves captivating accounts of how a handful of vagabond pioneers — including Randall Grahm and Leo McCloskey — transformed the modern wine industry. Along the way, the award-winning writer explains the differences between artisanal and industrial winemaking, while exploring the power of the wine score and the chasm between technology and holistic farming. Buy it here.

What was the best wine book you read this year? Tell us below.




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