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 Filed as : Wine Acessories

Cork Beyond the Bottle

Aug 3, 2012
Cork Beyond the Bottle
Cork like you’ve never seen it before

f29ee5e813494f4d922cd93c250cd2df_400The focus of a bottle of wine is never the cork, in fact you probably only notice them when they are defective. But the artistic minds behind Queork have come up with some of the most creative uses of cork we’ve ever seen. Queork, or “Queen of Cork,” fashions incredible, everyday products out of cork that are both practical and imaginative.

For example, there are at least twelve types of handbags available, an iPhone case, an umbrella, and even a few backpacks. Under the Men’s section, there are various work-related bags. There is truly something for everyone, whether it’s the next gift you buy or a treat for yourself.

Queork’s products are organic and environmentally friendly. If you’re worried about wear and tear over time, cork is water- and stain-resistant, allowing the products to be worn outside and to be easily cleaned with soap and water. So the next time you buy a pen, a kitchen apron, or a dog collar, why not buy one made of cork?

What other items would you like to see made from cork? Tell us below!



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Aug 3, 2012
I have some (cork) creations that are truly unique and not like the usual. Face book site. Chas McMullen

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