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Softening The Impact Of Wine Oxidation

Mar 19, 2012
Softening The Impact Of Wine Oxidation
Saving opened wine for another day or week

wine-preservation-systemsOkay, it’s three months into 2012. Are you keeping your resolution to drink less? We admit, it’s a massive challenge, especially when you open a fabulously delicious and sometimes expensive bottle of wine. Dumping it after one or two glasses… well, that’s nothing short of a crime.

It’s probable that any wine won’t be the same the next day thanks to oxidation—the process whereby oxygen degrades aromas and flavors. But we’ve all got some options for keeping wine as fresh as we can.

Simple but effective options:
• Buy half bottles
• Invite friends over to share the good stuff
• Pour a glass and immediately stuff the cork back in, storing the opened bottle in the fridge
• Cave, and drink the entire bottle

More commercial options:
• Use a wine preservation system. These are promoted as devices that can help slow the oxidation process and thus keep your wine closer to its original condition.

The Pump
This is a basic vacuum pump that removes air from your bottle. You can buy one at your local wine store or on line for as little as $7. Your wine won’t taste as great as when you first open it, but you can stretch out the bottle for a day or two.

Gas Preservation
By pumping a layer of odorless, tasteless argon or nitrogen gas on top of the wine in the bottle, you may be able to diminish the impact of oxidation. The gas canister has a straw attached. You simply insert the straw into the wine bottle and spray. Then recork. Canisters are also inexpensive, selling for as little as $7.

Refrigerator Preservation System
The VinoVault is a wine fridge and preservation system. There are many different models, but essentially, the vault stores a dozen wine bottles and keeps one sealed, chilled and gassed, allowing for a wine-by-the-glass system. The company claims a bottle will remain fresh up to 10 days. Vaults range in price from $139 to $299.

What’s your strategy for preserving an opened bottle of wine? Tell us below.


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I've tried most of the techniques mentioned here, and published some results here: Cheers!

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