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Sip on This –Literally

Feb 3, 2012
Sip on This –Literally
Red wine lover creates straws for sipping wine without the stains

winestraws2We know about red wine’s myriad advantages. But can we vent for a moment about the challenges?

Stained teeth are a serious drag. That slimy rim that develops around your inner lower lip is not attractive, either. And how many times is a woman supposed to reapply lip gloss before it’s considered obnoxious?

Jenny LaFever of Orange County, CA, believes she has solved all three wine woes with Wine Straws. Taking a cue from dentists who have long endorsed the sipping of coffee, red wine, and other potentially teeth-staining beverages from straws, LaFever created these BPA-free plastic straws specifically for red wine lovers.

The inner diameter of a Wine Straw is smaller than your average soda-sipping straw. So the flow of red nectar into your gullet is the same as sipping from a glass. They are recyclable and come in packs of four ($2.99) or 12 ($6.99).

Now you can party with peace of mind – and mouth.

Do you have a trick for preventing red wine teeth stains? Share with us below.

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