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 Filed as : Wine Acessories

The EuroCrate Wine Box

Apr 1, 2013
The EuroCrate Wine Box
The one bedroom apartment's best friend

eurocrate-wine-box-542x350If overflowing linen closets and tiny countertop bottle holders are your reality, we’re here to save you from your wine storage dilemmas! Trying to properly store wine in a small space, like a city apartment, can be difficult and frustrating. Luckily for all of us small-space dwellers, the EuroCrate Wine Box is here to save the day. Made by the German plastics company Cabka, these sturdy plastic wine storage crates store twelve bottles of wine at a time and can be flattened and tucked away when needed.

The EuroCrate stores twelve 750 milliliter wine bottles horizontally, with a tag on the outside of the crate to label what’s inside. It comes in red and green for red and white wines, and is water and UV ray resistant. The flaps on the front and the back make it easy to check what’s inside or pull out a bottle for dinner. You can slide it under a desk, stack several in your closet, or make a wine storage table out of them! (insert photos attached to email) Just remember to find a place where the temperature stays steadily around 55 degrees Fahrenheit for long-term storage. EuroCrates Wine Boxes can be purchased in the US from Wine Hardware.

Do you have a creative way of storing wine in tight spaces? We’d love to hear about it below.


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