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’Tis The Season For Gag Gifts

Dec 19, 2011
’Tis The Season For Gag Gifts
Give one of these gifts and get the most guffaws

holidaywg_03.It’s time to step up your gag gift game. Everyone’s still talking aboutThe Wine Rack you gave your sister at last year’s White Elephant gift exchange. Don’t worry. We’ll help you top that (get it?).

The following list of inexpensive wine gifts will elicit plenty of laughs from the gang while still being of use to the recipient.

Bytox Hangover Patch: You can’t reverse the negative effects of alcohol consumption, but you can try to prevent them. The folks at Bytox claim their trans-dermal patches prevent hangovers by replenishing the body with a complex of B vitamins typically lost during alcohol consumption. Slap one on before you start drinking and keep it on eight hours passed your last glass of wine. Pack of five, $13.49. Buy them here.

RedNek Wine Glass: It’s a mason jar with a stem. And you drink wine out of it. Awesome, right? Fry up some tater tots, mold some Jell-O, and make it a white trash-themed party. Made in the good old United States of America, these stems weigh a pound each and retail for $12.99. Buy them here.

Finger Food Party Plates: Spoon Sisters created these mini hors d’oeuvre plates to slip on your finger like rings, so you can hold your food and your wine glass with the same hand. That leaves the other hand free for handshakes and high fives. Set of 10 retails for $9.99. Buy them here.

Wine Erase Wipes: You look great in purple, but not when it’s covering your teeth and lips. That’s where Wine Erase comes in. The handy, individually packaged moist towelettes remove the stains that red wines leave. And they’re small enough to carry in your pocket. $5 for a pack of 10. Buy them here.


Know of other great gag gifts for winos? Share it below. 

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