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Podcast to give knowledge on wine, Winecyclopedia

Listen in to one of Bottlenotes' audio podcasts with wine industry luminaries such as Jack Cakebread, Pete Mondavi, Jr. and Bacchus. .

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Follow "Bottlenotes" on and read more frequent updates: What we're tasting, who we're talking to, or just what's on our mind. In addition, you can send your twitter tweets directly from Bottlenotes using our twitter bridge.

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Winecyclopedia delivering wine knowledge, information on wine, kinds of wine, wine regions of the world

The Bottlenotes Winecyclopedia is your reference for all things wine. Learn about different kinds of wine, wine regions of the world, how to appreciate great wine and identify not-so-great, and even how wine is made. Start the journey...

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Bottle Book

Bottlenotes wine book

Today wine is more popular than ever.and consumers need up-to-date, sensible, and sophisticated advice from those in the know. Based on one of the Web site's most popular tasting events, this book will take readers on a journey through time and today's vineyards. Combining essential information about wine, featuring a primer about the different categories and a one-of-a-kind regional guide, what more could a wine-lover want? Inspiring wine drinkers to expand their knowledge base and explore their taste preferences, Bottlenotes will take a look at the most interesting wine spots, including: Napa, California; Italy; Australia; Lebanon; Israel; China; South Africa; Chile; and others! It used to be that there were two choices when you ordered wine - European or Californian? But now the wine world is multicultural and international. In order to stay in the game, it's important to learn from those in the know - and the folks at Bottlenotes are here to help!

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