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Wine > USA > Oregon > Brooks Wines Amcayas

Brooks Wines Amcayas - 2008(W-70665)

Brooks Wines Amcayas

Tasting Note

As soon as you pop the cork your senses are overwhelmed with as array of aromatics of strong citrus and stone fruit. At first pour the air i... (more...)s replaced with bright and vibrant aromas of sweet fruit, honey, and the exotics of the tropics. You’re reminded of flowers, mango, papaya, and fresh melon that makes your mouth water for that first life changing sip. As the first splash caresses your tongue you’re bombarded with a combination of complexity, balance, and utter ease. You start off with a creamy fresh fruit mouth feel with just the right amount of sweetness to keep you wanting more. As you hold the wine in your mouth the wine warms and explodes in your mouth with some breathtaking flavors of peaches, melon, papaya, and a slight citrus. The sip ends with you thinking it’s over only to find the lingering citrus with such a lovely bright acidity that is nicely balanced with just the slightest amount sweetness. It’s a beautiful wine with a lasting finish that will have you fighting for the last drop. It’s a truly unique wine with flavors and complexity to appease any palate. It’s a treat from beginning to end and a real tribute to both the skill of the winemaker as well as the amazing region in which the fruit is grown

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