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Flavors and Aromas

Earth & Spice - Cinnamon, pepper, cedar and stone, these aromas come from the soil itself. Riesling can taste of butterscotch, a good Cab can have strong tones of chocolate, and there's a world of variety in between.

Fauna - Aroma in wine isn't limited to fruits or vegetables. The smell of the barnyard is not uncommon in good Pinot Noir, and French Sauvignon Blanc is known for its occasional odor of cat's pee.

Flora - From fresh cauliflower to cooked asparagus, from dried straw to an array of flowers, wine is capable of replicating a staggering number of aromas from the plant kingdom.

Fruits - No doubt you've encountered a wine redolent of tropical fruit or lemon. But did you know that an aroma of figs can indicate potential in a young Chardonnay, or that a hint of coconut is not uncommon in old Champagne?