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White Varieties

Melon de Bourgogne - The famous grape of Muscadet wines from the Loire Valley in France, it creates a dry white wine.

Muller Thurgau - a white grape that produces fruity wine with low acidity.

Muscadelle - Muscadelle is a highly fragrant grape usually blended into other wines to impart its bouquet.

Muscat - is actually a family of grapes with more than 200 varieties

Pinot Bianco - Pinot Bianco (aka: Pinot Blanc) is a full-bodied, crisp white wine grape grown around Europe and the new world.

Pinot Gris - A well-known and fashionable grape, Pinot Gris is a mutation of Pinot Noir that looks quite similar in the vineyard.

Prosecco - An Italian import gaining popularity for making refreshing and affordable sparkling wine.

Red Varieties

Malbec - Malbec is soft, yet robust, intense, and full-bodied

Merlot - Merlot, with its soft, lush, fruity character, is referred to as Cabernet Sauvignon without the pain.

Mourvèdre - Mourvèdre produces tannic wines that can be high in alcohol, and is most commonly found in Rhône style blends.

Nebbiolo - Nebbiolo takes its name from the fog, or nebbia, that settles in the hills and valleys of Piedmont.

País - A weak red wine grape native to Chile, País is rarely exported except in jugs.

Petite Sirah -The thick-skinned Petite Sirah grape produces a very tannic, full-bodied wine with overtones of raspberry and plum.

Petit Verdot - A small, concentrated berry from Bourdeaux, the Petit Verdot has major fruit flavor.

Pinot Meunier - Meunier comes from the French word for "miller" because the underside of a Pinot Meunier leaf looks like it has been dusted with flour.

Pinot Noir - Out of all red varieties, Pinot Noir is the most difficult to grow.

Pinotage - Pinotage is a cross of Pinot Noir and Hermitage (also known as Cinsault), created in South Africa.